Guild Wars Bot – Jade Quarry Bot

First time botting? Read Getting started with Guild Wars Bots first!


Any Class, Any Build.

Jade Quarry just got less stupid.

Skill priority is mostly left to right, so put heal skills, enchantments, or pre-cast skills first.

-He will farm Kurz or Lux side and get Zkeys. If you want faction donated I’ve included the code for you.
-Will actually cap quarry.
-Won’t get body blocked.
-Will speedboost turtles/jugs.
-Will run hexing mesmers, spirit rits, ROJ monks, ele spikers, dervs, MM necros…. Enjoy.
-Doesn’t crash.

-If it doesn’t use a skill correctly or at all, change the skill order or find a new skill.
-Runs in disabled rendering mode by default, your GW will disappear! Click tray icon to toggle.


ZKeys only: Download

Luxon Faction: Download

Kurzick Faction: Download