Guild Wars Bot – Luxon Point Farm

First time botting? Read Getting started with Guild Wars Bots first!


HM is required factions!
Aspenwood Gate (Luxon side) and Cavalon

Put the name of your character into the name.ini file
You must be on a luxon guild to dump faction (donate function)

Equipement : Feel free with armor, just need a staff NRJ+20.

Recommended Build:

Build : You : OggiAyiMdNd28NVO5D+4MACNBA
Hero 1 :OAhjUwGZYOL1qQVdyJ8GnU7LGA
Hero 2 :OANCY8zDDRgEQurvOtY9oqC
Hero 5 :OQhkAgC7gFqDNw01DyBcthZG4iB
Hero 6 :OgljosMqpOAD62YFZQMwFCgdMA

Bot will sell evertyhing on the inventory except tome / black and white dye / jade shards /ruby / saphyr
the bot will got sell when the 3 first bag are full
He store gold / ident then sell

If no room on storage, he sell gold after ID them
Around 25 minutes to get the area done and get around 11000 luxons points


You can download the bot here.


Guild Wars Bot – Material Buyer

First time botting? Read Getting started with Guild Wars Bots first!


This is a simple bot which allows you buy materials from the vendor. Start the bot next to the material vendor and the bot will work. Please note that you have to enter the exact amount to buy. If you put in an incorrect value, such as 25 feathers, when you can only buy 10 at a time then the bot will run forever. Be careful!


You can download the bot here

Guild Wars Bot – Jade Quarry Bot

First time botting? Read Getting started with Guild Wars Bots first!


Any Class, Any Build.

Jade Quarry just got less stupid.

Skill priority is mostly left to right, so put heal skills, enchantments, or pre-cast skills first.

-He will farm Kurz or Lux side and get Zkeys. If you want faction donated I’ve included the code for you.
-Will actually cap quarry.
-Won’t get body blocked.
-Will speedboost turtles/jugs.
-Will run hexing mesmers, spirit rits, ROJ monks, ele spikers, dervs, MM necros…. Enjoy.
-Doesn’t crash.

-If it doesn’t use a skill correctly or at all, change the skill order or find a new skill.
-Runs in disabled rendering mode by default, your GW will disappear! Click tray icon to toggle.


ZKeys only: Download

Luxon Faction: Download

Kurzick Faction: Download

Guild Wars Bot – Vaettir Bot

First time botting? Read Getting started with Guild Wars Bots

The bot will map to longeye, load the bar, run to the farm spot and farm over and over.
I don’t believe in vaettir farming for money outside events, so it will not pick up anything other than event drops, dyes, glacial stones, tomes.


You can download the file here

It is fast. It is even faster than most players. It will kill all 60 vaettirs in 1 ball. Killing takes less than 20 seconds. Vaettirs can be dead at /age 2 or 3 depending on spawns. Each cycle takes about 4 minutes (including rezones)

Fail rate is very low. It will basically only die under 2 conditions: if it lags so much that sf drops (2-3 seconds lag) or if it gets stuck so bad that 1 minute of spamming HoS will not get it unstuck (then it will just suicide). If you want numbers, it fails roughly 1 run every 500. It can easily get much more than the maxed survivor.

About disable rendering
When you disable rendering, the bot will also try to reduce the memory used by guild wars. After a while, the memory usage will be minimal, but this also means that when you enable rendering again, guild wars will have to load everything again. Depending on how long it has been running with rendering disabled, this process may take quite some time (up to 3-5 minutes), so make sure you pause it before you do so. Or just kill and relaunch the client.

lvl20 sin with all campaigns, hm in eotn, and this build: OwVUI2h5lPP8Id2BkAiAvpLBTAA
+20% ench, +5 energy weapon
+10vs earth shield (+health or +health while enchanted helps)
full blessed armor
+1+3 shadow arts headpiece, energy runes on the rest (+30/41/50hp helps too)