Getting started with Guild Wars 1

Guild Wars 1 is now a very old game. At the time of writing, it is almost 10 years old. The game is split into four different game works: prophecies, factions, nightfall and then the expansion Eye of the north. However, ArenaNet have not changed the price for the game on the website for many years. As such, it is recommended that it is purchased on a different site and it is much cheaper. You will need to purchase the three main games and then you will need to purchase the expansion pack.

What do I get?

In Guild Wars 2 you can get cosmetic rewards from the Hall of Monuments which you will fill out when playing Guild Wars 1. When you link your GW1 account to your GW2 account, you will get three free points, which is equal to three pieces of armor. To see what rewards their are, you  can visit the wiki.

Is it still played?

Yes! Many people still play Guild Wars 1. You can switch to the american district and see lots of people. Trading is mostly done in Kamadan in the American district.


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