Guild Wars Bot – Asuran Points Farming


First time Botting? Read Getting started with Guild Wars Bots!

You need to have hard mode in Eotn !
Start the bot in Rata Sum

Run the Asura Farming file.

To know : Bot will sell evertyhing on the inventory except tome / black and white dye
the bot will got sell when the 3 first bag are full
He store gold / ident then sell

If no room on storage, he sell gold after ID them


You can download the file here

Possible team build:
This is what i use, you are free to use what you want as hero and buildteam, they just need to be strong 🙂

Ps : There is 4 necro in my exemple team, you need to get razah, and then change his primary profession
(of course you can) by going isle of nameless (out of great temple of blatazar) and talk to razah

Note : If you entire team die, change team build xD, and the bot will go back to outpost


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